Monday, November 10, 2008

A Christmas List for PE Obama

PE Obama, Christmas is coming and you have been a good lad. Chances are Santa will be very good to you, and will get you many of the things he finds on your Christmas list. I am sure you already know what you would like for Christmas, but here are a couple of suggestions.

Pie - During the campaign there was alot of talk about pie. You should ask for a pie.

Bucket - With all the bailouts going on you will need a bucket. I hope you get a big bucket with a strong handle.

Printing press - With the current state of the economy you will need a printing press to increase the production of greenbacks to fund the government until you get the economy back on track.

Pen - When Pelosi and Reed try spending more money than we have, you will need a veto pen.

Rope - You will need a strong rope to pull the politicians from the fringes into the middle.

Highlighter - A green marker (avoid red and blue) to highlight good programs you find worth keeping while going through the budget.

Newspaper - When training puppies you will need lots of newspaper. In a bipartisan gesture, I suggest The New York Times. It will comfort the "right" to know that every day The Times is getting pissed on in the White House.

Shredder - Many things have happened in The White House over the last eight years we don't know about. If you find any evidence of these things please shred them. I'd rather not know. It is time to move on.


Danielle said...

Hey Uncle Mark! I am totally with you! Maybe we can find something to volunteer and donate our time together? Since we live so close? I am so thrilled with the Web site. I think it's great. Let me know!



Tim said...

Dannie sent me over here.

I love the Christmas list, especially the veto pen :)