Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dorgan gives Favre like performance

Today Senator Byron Dorgan zipped thru Senate business in only 28 seconds. This performance beat the previous 2007 Senate record of 30 seconds set by Senator Jim Webb only last Friday. An observer said it was truly amazing to watch Senator Dorgan, a senate veteran of 15 years, outperform his younger counterpart Senator Webb, a Senate rookie.

"It was almost like watching Brent Farve dueling Tony Romo", someone was overheard saying, "with the skillful vet showing the young gun he is still on top of his game."

When asked if this record will stand, an insider said he believes the record will not hold up. I know the Democrats are reviewing the tapes of the Webb / Dorgan performances and believe there is still a couple of seconds, in both speaking speed and gavel speed, available to them.

The next attempt for the record will be Tuesday November 27 at 9am.

Don't blink or you might miss it.

(originally posted @ Friday November 23, 2007)

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Anonymous said...

Nice... Maybe a more appropriate parallel than you might have imagined: In a 16 year career in the NFL Favre has only won one Super Bowl. In a 15 year Senate career this may have been Dorgan's finest moment.