Sunday, November 25, 2007

Washington Gridlock

I must say it's rather frustrating to see nothing getting done in Washington. It seems that the only thing the democrats and republicans can agree on (and are both correct about) is that the other side of the isle is playing politics with the issues.

It is also frustrating to see the leaders in Bagdad not utilizing this "window of opportunity" our brave military is giving them to reach reconciliation within their government, but being new to democracy maybe they don't know how.

My solution to all this frustration is.......when congress is coming back from yet another break......don't stop in D.C...... fly straight to Bagdad and help the Iraqi's form their government. At least then we will know why nothing is getting done in Bagdad.

Besides if grown men are going to act like little kids, they should be playing in a bigger sandbox.

(Originally posted November 20, 2007)

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