Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Great Quarterbacks - It's In Their Eyes

Much time is spent trying to pick the next great quarterback. They are tested on arm-strength, passing skills, foot speed, athletic ability, and even personality and intelligence tests. All this to try to find the athlete who will be the next greatest QB of all-time. Even with all this analysis, the process fails, with many quarterbacks never reaching the promise of their perceived greatness.

One must assume that with all the fore mentioned testing and analysing, the physical skills and talent are available to the athlete. How then do we find the "thing" the "it" the intangible which makes the athlete the best of the best.

It's in his eyes.

This premise first came to me watching Drew Bledsoe quarterback my beloved Patriots. I nicknamed him"sleepy eyes", because watching him come to the line of scrimmage or trying to perform under pressure there seemed to be this "emptiness" in his eyes that reached right down into his soul.

Look into a quarterbacks eyes.

In the less than great there is a blankness which gazes at you with an empty stare.

In the great ones you are pierced with the fire, the passion, the brain waves sparking as they skillfully work at their craft.

Great Quarterbacks - It's in their eyes.

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